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"First class in every respect - flexible, friendly and reasonably priced."


About Our Cattery

The Cattery at Cuckoo's Corner is set in peaceful surroundings in the village of Holybourne, near Alton.


We offer comfortable accommodation for your cat in heated and insulated chalets with adjoining spacious runs.

We have seven spacious chalets, which can each easily accommodate up to three cats from the same home. Some chalets convert to accommodate up to six cats from the same home.

Cats are such wonderfully individual creatures; we believe they benefit from being treated individually. Therefore we invite owners to bring any bedding, toys, scratching posts etc that their cats are used to using. The familiar scents from these objects will bring the security of their home to their holiday chalet. Our aim is to make your cat's stay with us as comfortable and relaxing as possible whilst you are away.


We provide all our guests with the warmth, comfort and love they are used to at home.

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Awarded a 5 STAR RATING from East Hampshire District Council

Also offering at The Cattery: Webcams
We have cameras fitted into our chalets! Now, from anywhere in the world, you can check that your cats are having a lovely holiday too. Why not try it and see!

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